The Hospital has been running with 40 years old infrastucture and Perceptions.  In order to meet the commitments committed in constituency we have to inject latest technological advancements and formulate user friendly policies and guidelines. To cope up with changing global context we have to fasten to well equip this hospital with latest technology. We have to think thoroughly on CLINICAL, PREVENTIVE & PROMOTIVE SERVICES, REHABILATIVE SERVICE, ACADEMICS AND RESEARCH AND FORENSIC AND LEGAL SERVICES. There has to be multilateral programs and polices, budgets through multinational, bilateral and multilateral agencies, cooperatives, politicians. There should be research on multi centric strategies. The proper co ordination between policy maker, ministries and hospital professionals with realistic approaches is must to go hand in hand with patients prospective (quality service) and current scenario of government. Through these we can protect and prevent mental health of people of Nepal. Mental well being is prime mantra to prosper well being of nation as a whole.
Though this hospital is a central level hospital dealing with mental health issues it still is not focal unit of government to deal in mental health in Policy Level and Budgetting Level. It seems lots of coordination and cooperation is lacking between Central Government and this hospital which in my tenure of chairmanship would reduce the gaps by frequent meetings and discussions.
Nationally and Internationally Nepal Government have made some serious commitments on mental health standards and issues. To fulfill such commitments government needs to really think on plans, policies, acts, budgeting in order to uplift health indicators which in turn uplifts GDP levels of the nation.
In my findings there is tremendous negligence on mental health of people. The Acts should be formulated in very coordinated manner with professional advices. Even government has to make some serious commitments to fulfill United Nations CRPT conventions criteria. The present status of mental health cannot fulfill Nepal Governments 2022 health targets as such commitment with world health organization will not be fulfilled and achieved.
If we can formulate such plans, program, Acts and finance properly with professional advices, mental hospital doctors etc mental health indicators within 2020 will be highly positive. Lots of professional people should be produced and mobilized in local level, province level and center level. If such is done constitutional rights of people of Nepal will be secured on mental health aspects. Even policy and guidelines on different levels should be clear and mandatory.
The presence of government in Nepal can be depicted through homeless mental patients management, Day Care Centre and Rehabilitation centre is must for working peoples.