Message from the Director


Here we go ahead with launching of website of Mental Hospital. It gives me great pride in carving a  path ahead with new strides.

Mental Hospital of lagankhel, lalitpur is not only a one of many hospitals of our country. It is only one of its  kind in Nepal. It embodies the history of development of mental health services in Nepal. It  still continues ahead with its pioneering role of development of mental health in Nepal-be it developing community mental health service, doing research work, producing human resources or preparing National Mental Health Policy, Mental Health Legislation and many other.

Mental Hospital is quite aware about its problems and challenges. More-over it has clear vision of where it wants to lead to. For short term goal we have target of upgrading it into a 100 bed capacity hospital from one of 50 beds capacity. And ultimately this Mental Hospital should achieve the goal of transforming it into National Mental Health Centre. After all  it has to gain the potential of fulfilling the broader needs in mental health be it promotion of mental health, prevention of mental illnesses or caring, treatment of mentally ill people or rehabilitation of mentally disabled people.

Mental health professionals and many other stakeholders have been struggling to establish few distinct noble goals like upgrading or reviewing of National Mental Health Policy, passing mental health legislation and  lastly establishment of Mental Health Division in ministry of Health. It is worthy to note that now other active partners have come in to play.

This fact gives us new hope that for policy makers and health managers, there is no way out without addressing the burning issues of mental health.

There are many ways that contributes to transformation. I  am very enthusiastic that in this modern world of information technology, this launching of web-site will play its role in enhancing the capacities and image of Mental Hospital.

I look forward to cooperation and support of all concerned in noble cause of improving mental health of nation as a whole.

Thank you!

Prof. Dr. Surendra Sherchan
Director – Mental Hospital